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“Death is the happiest day of our lives. We must rejoice in it more than anything, because it is our arrival in our true homeland.” – Maurice Tornay (Martyr for Jesus Christ)

“Dear ones, live near to God and cling less closely to Earth. There is no other way by which we can receive that peace from God which passeth understanding.” – Lizzie Atwater (1900) Martyr by nationalist reaction in China against Christian missionaries.

It is astounding, the level of courage, peace and eve joy that the Martyrs found in the face of torchure and death. They fully understood that nothing on this eart compares with what God has in store for us if we fully surrender to Him. Betty Stam, also a Christian Martyr, put it this way; “When we consecrate ourselves to God, we think we are making a great sacrifice, and doing lots for Him, when really we are only letting go some little bitsy trinkets we have been grabbing; and when our hands are empty, He fills them with His treasures.”


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What have you seen God do lately?

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So what have you seen God do lately? Where have you seen His hand at work? Share your God stories by posting a comment on this post.

Today I saw God when He answered my prayer for a new computer. My battery had died, my speakers had died, and worst of all my wireless card had died. The short version of this story is that I bought a new Dell to replace it and within four weeks decided to return it because it had problems booting two times. My calls to customer support where long and frustrating but they did finally decide to let me return it and give me a full refund even though the return policy had expired three days before.

So I started praying for a computer. I could have gone out and bought another but because of the hesitation my Dad showed about it I just started praying. My brothers both thought that I should buy a Mac and just be done with it, but I didn’t. It didn’t necessarily make sense in my head. Here I had the money, my brothers who are both good with computers where advising me to go ahead, and yet I wanted to see if God would give me a computer. After all He did say that He is like a father and will give good gifts to those that ask him. (Matt 7:11, Luke 11:13) And John 14:13-14 says “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” So would God give me a computer even though I had the $ to buy it? Did I have the faith to go through with this and see?

Well the time was ticking away to the date of my departure for Canada where I’m spending the summer at Gospel For Asia and I still didn’t have a new computer. I woke up this morning and prayed in a bit of a panic “God I do a lot of things on the internet, blogging, e-mail, research, and so much more! What will I do if I don’t have a computer with wireless? I leave tomorrow God! But I’ll continue to wait.”

I went downstairs and thought that my computer was going to crash becuase the fan was so loud! It didn’t though and after cleaning the fans the noise stopped. Then I thought “God could heal this computer” and I told God “you could heal this computer God.” I don’t know why but I felt excited. Then I went to my wireless settings and started playing around….and it started working! It found our wireless network, conected and worked like a dream! I was so excited! My God fixed my computer for me! Just in time!!! He showed Himself faithful!

So, do you have any stories?

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